Happenings: Creative Class Happy Hour
Creative Class Happy Hour brings San Antonio creatives all of fields together.
Creative Class Happy Hour was a one-evening opportunity to meet, network, and dance the night away with fellow creatives in the City of San Antonio, hosted by Tiny Roar Creative, Inkwell Studio, the BB Group, and Puro Pinche.
 The day of the Creative Class Happy Hour event.
The evening was complete with music provided by Pink Leche, food available from the Tailgate Bistro USA food truck, live graffiti art by local artist Hektor Perez, and live screen-printing/ a one-stop-shop for awesome "school supplies" designed and provided by Mellow Giant.
Music provided by Pink Leche
Local graffiti artist Hektor Perez
Hektor Perez's work.
Pennant flag design by Mellow Giant.
Shirt designs by Mellow Giant.
Creative Class custom school supplies at the one stop shop. 
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