Pixels of Fury San Antonio Identity
I volunteered to design the identity for AIGA San Antonio, who hosted Shutterstock's "Pixels of Fury: A Live Creative Inspiration Tournament". The promotion for the event was web based only. My concept is the colorful pixels surrounding the information and pixel Alamo are confetti.
"Pixels of Fury: A Live Creative Inspiration Tournament" challenges contestants to create an inspiring poster with images from Shutterstock's collection at breakneck speed. Competitors face off in 20-minute rounds to create posters on a given topic. Judges and the audience vote on which competitor does the best work in that round. The winners of round 1 and round 2 face off in the championship round. The person who illustrates the topic most successfully is declared the winner.
Facebook profile photo.
The Twitter profile photo is differernt because the viewer is not able to read 'AIGA' as clearly on Twitter as on Facebook because the size of the profile photo on Twitter is smaller than te profile photo on Facebook.
The teaser version featured on the Shutterstock blog. 
AIGA San Antonio homepage.
The min-site for the event with bios of the conestants.
Photos of the event by Michelle Claire
The winner was Doris Palmeros! This is her with ther family after the win!
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